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The sacred groves of Kerala are the remnants of evergreen forest patches, protected and conserved based on religious beliefs and a great repository of many endemic, endangered and economically important plant species. The study reports revealed that floristic diversity indices of the sacred groves of Kerala are equal or nearly equal to the forests of the Western Ghats. It is also revealed that these isolated patches are self-sustainable ecosystems function as a bioresource centre and closed system for the nutrient and water cycles for the nearby areas.
Since 1992 TBGRI has been studying various aspects like floristic and vegetational types in general and ecosystem function in selected bioclimatically divergent sacred groves of Kerala and generated voluminous data. These data are organised into the database, which comprises list of sacred groves in Kerala with photographs, short history , vegetational types, associated flora and fauna, physiology/phenology and other study reports of each sacred grove.

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